Why traditional media is dieing
FHM magazine's hottest women

Has anyone seen FHM magazine’s 2009 sexiest women? Megan Fox #1 – Excuuusse me. Yet her older clone Angelina Jolie is #15. Taylor Swift is not mentioned. Neither is Hannah Montana – for once. Nor Victoria Beckham who should be in the top 5.

Jessica Alba #2? Katy Perry #10 – that alone blows away all credibility right there. She beat out Jessica Simpson, #32 (#1 in my book) and Beyonce #33.

It’s the little things that build media credibility. Newspapers worldwide are publishing this magazine’s list, passing it off as credible. Newspapers publish opinion surveys with no facts behind them – many by health organizations that say if you eat butter, it’s unhealthy while the next day a butter company will issue 10 reasons you need butter for a longer life. This FHM list sustains the lack of credibility on the part of media.

Here’s a publication distributed worldwide that only has a circulation slightly over half-a-million. Publicists clamor to get into this publication while they discount Twitter, which has millions of hits a day. They prefer getting in FHM over being on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show or Radio Disney. Why PR is dieing with the media is the numbers they present to clients. Speaking of numbers, more unbelievable credibility from FHM, like those numbers PR agencies present to clients.

The Veronicas made #13? Who is this publication kidding? It made Anne Hathaway #9 – why didn’t they make Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies #10?

Carmen Electra #36. Did you see that recent Las Vegas video – was FHM going by age or waist size when they picked their hotties?

Cameron Diaz #38 – behind Katy Perry?

Mila Kunis came in at 21 and Vanessa Hudgens came in at 42 – come on – they look so much alike they could be Chace Crawford and Zac Efron! Eva Longoria #77 while her clone Eva Mendez was #19

Tina Fey made the list at #75 – beating Longoria and Kellie Pickler who didn’t even make the list. Surprise Kelly Clarkson wasn’t #1.

Thankfully Shakira made the list, #44, Rihanna #78 while Pamela Anderson made #62 – really? Hilary Duff placed #40, Ashley Tisdale #59, Hayden Panettiere #18 (again, a top fiver with Taylor Swift – who did not make the list, did I mention that?). While they left off Swift, one of the Pussycat Dolls made it – how hard up is this magazine? Lindsay Lohan at #22.


  1. If you were as clued up on media behaviour as you assert, you'd realise that the purpose of these lists is to generate reaction and create debate. The very fact that you're whining about how FHM's list is irrelevant is proof that it is not. (Also: "dieing" is spelt "dying".)

  2. Thank you Rupert Murdoch. People once believed the earth was flat, too. If you had an Associated Press stylebook, you'd see it is dieing.

  3. Rupert, I knew it was you by the proper English of "behaviour" and "realise." U.S. Americans spell it different - I got bad grades in grade school for colour and flavour.


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