Why Mexico might have a public image problem

First, it could be all the illegals standing on U.S. street corners. It could be the U.S. retaliated, but no one noticed. No longer do U.S. citizens flock to Rocky Point and similar coastal locals or cross the border for lunch. Reason – you now need a passport.

These have REALLY hurt Mexico’s economy.

After all this, here’s the terror stories the U.S. State Department feeds U.S. journalists on a daily basis:

Gunmen kill Mexican policeman, family in home

By MIGUEL ANGEL HERNANDEZ, Associated Press Writer Miguel Angel Hernandez, Associated Press Writer

VERACRUZ, Mexico – Gunmen shot up and torched the home of a Mexican police commander Wednesday, killing the officer, his wife and his four children, including a 6-year-old boy.

The interior of the house in the Gulf coast city of Veracruz was completely burned, and its facade was riddled with bullet holes. Inside, police found the bodies of municipal police commander Jesus Antonio Romero and his family, Veracruz state Public Safety Secretary Sergio Lopez said.

Police said the youngest was a 6-year-old boy and the oldest was a 15-year-old girl.

This is why Marketing Sociologist is so important. While public relations practitioners want to send press releases to help Mexico’s image, a Marketing Sociologist defines its publics.

It is more than an image problem. You must look at the U.S. government’s attitude towards Mexico. It has an open border policy – meaning we want cheap labor from Mexico. Homeland Security has forbidden deporting illegal aliens unless they have committed a crime. That’s a far cry from the day when John Lennon spent millions to stay in the U.S.

Also, the federal government has just determined Arizona’s law to provide proof you are a legal resident or fine the employer hiring them is “unconstitutional.”

The U.S. government is doing everything it can to invite illegal aliens and terrorists into this country. I have 10 families from Bosnia and Herzegovina within 50 yards of my home. These are not from Mexico and Central America, but they are cheap labor – and illegals.

So if I were the government in Mexico, I would fire my public relations agencies and look into a Marketing Sociologist. Find out why the U.S. is intent on destroying Mexico’s economy and culture. All just to supply U.S. hotels with maids and other low paying jobs?

Mexico, the U.S. government is after you. Have your public relations experts told you that?