When are people going to wake up?
Second decade of 21st Century

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By Gina Keating Gina Keating – Thu Jul 23, 12:26 am ET

PASADENA, California (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co chief Robert Iger said on Wednesday advertising will rapidly grow more sophisticated as media firms begin tracking consumer preferences and selling the data on to advertisers.

I always thought Disney to be one of the most progressive companies in the world. For years it had the best Web site on the Internet. Yet Iger’s words sound like something he should have embraced eight years ago.

Time we as a nation grow up and realize in less than six months we begin the second decade of the 21st Century. Throughout history this has been a decade that has seen a major war.

Here’s how out of tune with 21st Century thinking the world is. Anyone watch President Barack Obama’s press conference – pushing his health care plan? How boring. It may as well have been McKinley in 1901. I sat through 10 seconds.

Now I would have watched if they had done a Second City (comedy troupe) type of parody; something like Simon & Simon. Would have been a hell of a lot more interesting and Obama would have had that bill delivered to his desk by Monday.