What is going on with Airbus flight crash black boxes

News story on this week’s Yemenia air crash, “French officials late Wednesday retracted claims that one of the plane's black boxes had been found. French Commander Bertrand Mortemard de Boisse told The Associated Press that a signal detected from the debris of Yemenia Flight IY626 was from a distress beacon and not from one of the plane's black boxes.”

This past weekend the black boxes from Air France Flight 447, also an Airbus product, went dead following the crash at the end of May in the Atlantic Ocean.

On flight 447, satellites and detections devices that can count nose hairs on dogs from space were unable to locate the black boxes.

My neighborhood laundromat attendant has a dandy theory. He says Airbus didn’t want those black boxes recovered. He claims it is James Bond cloak and dagger work that kept them out of the hands of authorities. What’s your opinion?