What do you do when both your senators are losers?
White House turns up heat on Arizona senator

Here’s the headline, White House turns up heat on Arizona senator. If President Barack Obama has problems with Jon Kyl, be thankful he’s not your senator. I’ve had a problem with a government agency stemming from 1992. Contacted both John McCain and Jon Kyl’s office, neither would do anything. Kyl actually sent a letter that said, “don’t bother my office with this again.”

Now Kyl wants Arizona to sacrifice $640-million in federal bailout dollars. It should be noted Arizona is first in jobs lost since the recession started late 2007 and about last for receiving federal dollars – most of those go to Arizona State University that gets nearly $2-million in grants everyday and is still hitting Arizona taxpayers up for millions. There’s at least five nationally known private colleges in Phoenix that receive NO taxpayer dollars. What’s up with ASU?

Yet Arizonans, in their Idiocracy, hasn’t had a governor initially elected to office stay in that office full term for 50 years. They’ve elected McCain and Kyl over and over. We currently have another Kelly Temporary agency governor in charge.

I have personally pleaded with Arnold Schwarzenegger to use my address and run against McCain next year when his Governatorship is over. Mr. Warren Buffett, you want to go against McCain? Even Paris Hilton might be a better choice.