Want to increase profits and learn about your competition? You can do it for pennies

Most companies want to know what their competition is doing and how they can beat them. Your solution is right in your own company. You’ll get gold out of files you already have.

If you properly mine these files, you’ll know everything your competition is planning, when they will execute it and how you can beat them. You’ll also get new ideas you would have never thought of. All for pennies.

I would encourage you to contact Marketing Sociologist at MediaRelationsExpert@yahoo.com, but you’ve been encouraged to do that and you’ve passed on untold wealth. Why? Is your business not that important?

So today I’ll just give you an idea clients have paid thousands for – and are reaping great rewards with. It is such a simple thing. You may even be executing it. You are if you’re a progressive, forward thinking company. If you aren’t doing this, it shows how many other opportunities you’re missing and why you – of all organizations – should be in immediate touch with Marketing Sociologist.

Remember that person that left your organization a year ago? Have you kept tabs on them? Have you been in contact? Are they working for your competition now?

An easy way to keep that employee thinking of you is a monthly “alumni club” meeting.

Everyone wears their company gear – the stuff they got when they were with you, or if you’re really smart, a special alumni shirt with your company logo and the words “alumni” on it. Also, a special pin that can be worn on suit jackets; again company logo and word alumni on it.

You have a happy hour at a local bar. Drinks are on them (you give a ticket for first drink on you), but you’re supplying the food. You’ll be surprised how many people will show up. Great opportunity to grow your company. Have them invite friends from where they now work. You’ll never need to place a job wanted ad again. You don’t do it at a bar right around the corner from you. You do it at a place central to where your competition is located.

You make sure your current employees are there, too. To learn, to see how much you care and if you’re real smart, they’re getting paid to be there.

This is so basic. This is a no-brainer. You have to ask why you’re not doing it. What other opportunities are you missing? Will you finally contact Marketing Sociologist for more progressive ideas?