To all those who threw me out when I recommended a YouTube and MySpace presence

To all those people who thought I was crazy during pitches and interviews two years ago for recommending YouTube and MySpace presence – tonight’s NBC’s person of the week, and another feature story, were all about YouTube videos.

Yes, you probably hired that person who promised you newsletters and press releases. You may have made it on a local television newscast, too. Has your organization been on ABC World News Tonight since rejecting my idea?

Oh, that’s right. Your last press clipping supplied by that PUBLIC RELATIONS firm who sent in those nice 20-something blonds to agree that you needed press releases was about your business closing. Sorry.

You didn’t want counsel of someone with an MBA and years of experience. You wanted a YES person. Imagine how much money that business would have made if you actually wanted to listen to people who knew what they were doing. Maybe you’ve learned a lesson and will prosper in your next business. What did you say? No, I didn’t want to super size that.

Since ABC News forbids embedding its stories (Another stupid business decision. Maybe why NBC has more viewers and a bigger audience online?), I will provide the links and YouTube (remember how you bristled when I said that word) clips.