That government is best which governs least - Thomas Jefferson on today's news reports of state budget crisis

As you watch this story, ask yourself why government is so bloated that Arizona’s #1 employer is STATE government? That doesn’t include county, municipal, school districts, state universities and other quasi-government agencies throughout Arizona – or federal government and numerous court jurisdictions.

The city of Phoenix has handed out millions of its citizens’ tax dollars for years to local non-profits. Surely this is going on in every government throughout the nation. Shouldn’t it be YOUR responsibility to give to non-profits, not your government’s?

If government lives off taxpayers who are forced to pay taxes or go to jail, how many government workers is each REAL employee in Arizona supporting? As for states increasing taxes, there are two words every American should be uttering – HELL NO. Learn to live within your means, government. How did you grow so large?

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of our nation, is attributed with the saying, That government is best which governs least.

It should be mentioned, Arizona government employees (most) don't pay into Social Security but have their own retirement fund that is drawing 8 percent interest - impossible to get on most investments. More taxes?