Thank you to every taxpayer for millions of government dollars spent at Arizona resort

It is well over 110 degrees in Phoenix and President Barack Obama has a new stimulus plan for boosting Arizona’s economy during the hottest days of summer. He has sent approximately 700 Social Security Administration employees to bolster resort spending in Phoenix.

They are staying at the Arizona Biltmore, where stars, presidents and most of my family have spent time. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I called the Biltmore and after getting the runaround for about 10 minutes while the salesman made his pitch without giving me the information I requested – a great way to deliver customer service – he said a night there was $198. On the Biltmore Web site, it lists “from $99;” $198 is from $99.

You must remember thanks to current Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, the state’s former governor, Arizona has suffered the greatest job losses of all 50 states. Maybe this is the Obama administration’s way of payback.

Media says it is costing the government nearly three-quarters of a million, but that does not include the expense accounts these government employees will deliver to their bosses when they return from their well deserved vacation, I mean conference.

They’re even going to an Arizona Indian gaming site that has one heck of a show of impersonators – with a two drink minimum – but the show is free. At least those government workers are thinking of you. They didn’t show up – at least not that I know of – en masse at the Demi Lovato show last night which would have set taxpayers back $75 per attendee – not including transportation and parking charges.

Could not find an embedded video, but here are some links:

Addendum – video finally available


  1. Rogder BransteadJuly 11, 2009 at 5:38 PM

    I guess it makes no differnce to you about the thousands of tourism workers who rely on meetings to feed their families, buy school clothes, and pay mortgages.
    A conference of 700 in Phoenix in July is a blessing. Would you rather have 700 Phoenic citizens applying for unemployment?

  2. Loved that Mr. Branstead used his name and respect his opinion. Everyone jumped all over GM when they brought their sales conference here. Guess it's okay to have these in Las Vegas instead of Phoenix?

    My problem is the secrecy the government kept on this and the very inept public relations person the government puts on the air. I consult! I’m available to answer media questions – I’d be more prepared.

    As I said, this may be the Obama administration’s payback for what happened to the state economically the past six years.


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