Sarah Palin's political career washes ashore in Alaska

by Don Hunter - Jul. 16, 2009 McClatchy Newspapers

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Something big and strange is floating through the Chukchi Sea off Alaska. (Gov. Sarah Palin’s political future).

Hunters from Wainwright first noticed the stuff early last week. It's thick and dark and "gooey," and is drifting for miles in the cold Arctic waters, according to Gordon Brower of the North Slope Borough's Planning and Community Services Department.

Brower said the North Slope team spotted a long strand of the stuff and followed it for about 15 miles, shooting video from the air.

The agencies found "globs" of the stuff floating miles offshore Friday and collected samples for testing The next day, the substance arrived offshore from Barrow, about 90 miles east of Wainwright, and borough officials went out in boats, collected more samples and sent them off for testing.

Nobody knows for sure what the gunk is, but Petty Officer 1st Class Terry Hasenauer says the Coast Guard is sure what it is not. (Sarah Palin being elected president.)