Recognize your sales staff and see business boom

It’s amazing how many companies do not realize where their bread and butter lies – its sales force. A local radio station even refers to its people bringing in the $ for their paychecks as “sales weasels.”

One of my consulting assignments was for a Tempe company that employed 35,000. They had a massive break room that made World War II bunkers look pleasant. It was mostly concrete with concrete seats and no windows to the outside world.

The Intercom Room

They also had a MASSIVE conference room that took three HUGE conference tables to fill it. It could probably seat 200 people. It was seated on the top floor and glass panels looked into the entire company. Real cushy chairs.

The program we initiated was the company’s top sales people – and the lion’s share of its sales people were on the phone all day – could use the conference room for breaks and lunches if it wasn’t in use for corporate business. For some reason, they termed it “the intercom room.”

No secretaries (don’t think this company had a one of these – another reason it was top in its field), no corporate management, nothing but the crème de la crème of sales could be there for breaks. They even got special colored badges with special logos to hang from their shirts, like rock stars with backstage passes.

This was in addition to the quarterly sales awards banquet where the top sellers got an additional $1,000 for recognition. This is peanuts to one telecom I worked for. They raffled a BMW ever quarter to its top sales staff.

How are you recognizing your sales staff? Marketing Sociologist, – still haven’t heard from YOU!