Questions to ask any public relations practitioner before using their advice

What is the RACE formula?

What is SWOT in a strategic plan?

What are the 4Ps of marketing?

If you don't know,


  1. Is Marketing Sociologist M/F?

  2. Really, I hate those EEOC questions on applications. I’m assuming you mean Male or Female. If anyone is so petty to worry about race or gender, they’re really not ready for MARKETING SOCIOLOGY. Nationalism is important because each country provides a unique experience. Growing up in Taiwan, Stuttgart or Johannesburg has a different learning experience and culture for each locale. When Jews died in Germany, Muslims arrested in China or someone dies in an automobile accident, does gender or race matter? Some family lost a precious soul. To those who believe there is a difference in race or gender, I say, gee, how immature of you. Hope you grow up.

    Yet PUBLIC RELATIONS is not a gender-blind field. Any time a gender or race is given preference, the field dies. It explains why U.S. media and public relations are at their end. Does gender matter on a Gameboy or iPhone? Explains the rise of MARKETING SOCIOLOGY.


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