President Barack Obama – Such a terrible president

If you listen to right wingers, mostly Republicans, President Barack Obama is the worst president ever. In six short months he ruined the economy so badly he delivered 2-million job losses. For the third straight month in a row home sales have been up and car sales for July were the highest they’ve been in 12 years (gee, wasn’t there a Democrat in office 12 years ago?). Also, only 7 U.S. citizens died in Iraq in July.

Such a terrible president. Sure miss those days of prosperity when George Bush was president and banks were failing left and right and a $957-billion deficit before the bail-out (Oh, I’m sorry, the Republicans are blaming the bail-out on Obama since it passed 10 days after he was president. Excuussse me. Just like those 2-million job losses are his fault and not Bush’s)

Today the government blew through $1-billion in a week on the cash for clunkers program. How terrible. It is like a tax program in Arizona. If you donate $200 to a school, you get that back on your taxes, but you need to wait until you get your taxes to recover it. So, we haven’t gotten taxes from the sales commission income tax on that $1-billion, even though more cars were sold in one week than any other time period, putting it the highest car sales month since 1997. We need to wait to recoup that sales income tax commission, so the program’s a failure. That doesn’t take into account the sales taxes generated for states. With more than 30 states having a budget shortfall, this is so terrible they will be collecting taxes on all those cars selling.

This makes Obama such a terrible president. Oh, and the stock market has rallied too. How terrible.

Matter of fact, someone in Rush Limbaugh’s league of intelligence, Ann Coulter, wrote a book, If Democrats had any brains, theyd be Republicans. What a shame we’re all not right wingers or the type of Republicans Ann Coulter wants. We could enjoy the glory days of George Bush pushing this country to economic ruin. Wow, from what I’ve heard, my senator, Jon Kyl, loved those days and wants to keep them.

I must live in a different universe from Ms. Coulter. Instead of seeing how terrible everything is, I see a rosy economic rebound. I’ve written about it for months. I guess, according to her, I’m the idiot and she’s the brilliant woman with the law degree.

Forgot these headlines, how terrible it is, Profit reports push Dow to best July in 20 years

S&P 500 sees best 5-month streak since 1938 (Reuters)

To quote the Amazing David, In six short months Obama has done more than any other president in history.