Pope must be crazy
He's using YouTube to market

VATICAN CITY, Jan. 23, 2009
Pope Launches YouTube Channel

Yes, two years following you throwing me out of your office, the Pope is using YouTube to market. Yet two years ago you didn't want to hear about 21st Century marketing. You were asking, "Who do you know in the media." Seriously - that's what you asked me. Those people have all been laid off and your firm is more than likely out of business because you recruited an agency who knew "everybody" in the media.

There's lots of agencies still bringing in millions of dollars with that 20th Century mentality.Yet the companies using that strategy (I know, what is a strategic plan) are laying off employees and whining about how bad the economy is. As Bob Dylan said,
The times they are a' changin'.

You might even find the Pope sitting in Rome on his iPhone (AT&T service?) @
PopeInRome or @popebenedictxvi

We never got to discussing Twitter before you threw me out. You couldn't comprehend YouTube or MySpace. You wanted press releases and who I knew in the media.