Michael Jackson buried brainless
Life imitates art

No, it’s not a joke that he died as he lived life. Michael Jackson was ACTUALLY buried without his brain. Come on, I said it wasn’t a joke like what does Michael Jackson’s corpse and Sarah Palin have in common.

According to Yahoo news, “The Los Angeles Coroners office has reportedly confirmed that Michael Jackson will be buried without his brain. Jackson's brain was removed before his body was released to relatives and a forensic neuropathologist said they are testing it for past drug use. Because the brain must be hardened before it can be examined, Jackson's family has reportedly opted to have Michael buried sans the important organ instead of waiting for it to be returned.”

There’s already been stories of his ghost being seen on a television show from Neverland.

This leads to a whole new twist on life imitating art. Imagine if his corpse comes out of the grave looking for his brain? The news could report, Michael Jackson Thriller.

Personally, I believe it’s already been sold on Ebay. Guard Bubbles securely. We don’t want those National Enquirer stories with proof of which brain was bigger.

I heard the winning bidder on Ebay was Sarah Palin.


  1. They hae his brain to try to understand and duplicate his genius. It wont happen.

  2. Thank you Anony - you made me laugh. We can not negate what Michael Jackson gave the world, but we need to educate ourselves of mainstream media being out of control.


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