iPhone 4G
Miley Cyrus - killer

This evening the person purportedly to be Miley Cyrus on Twitter @mileycyrus said she dropped her wireless Blackberry phone into water. Sounds like a killer app. My Twitter (PhoenixRichard) recommendation back to her was an iPhone 4G – your next computer.

Recently Internet chatter was how dastardly AT&T was for not rebating customers who purchased iPhones in the first half of the year – before the release of the 3.0 iPhone – or upgrading to new phones. Anyone who understands business or how wireless companies function (email for info on the idiotic rule of 78 most telecoms utilize) can see the logic in it. The people who bought were uninformed (some may say idiots) who didn’t do their research. One such person lambasted me online and was shocked that in five minutes I found his identity and company. Then he went on to attack me some more instead of learning to do his research first.

Speaking of research, I’m trying to find out when the new iPhone 4G will be released. It appears it may be through Verizon, not/as well as AT&T. Either way it’s a two year contract and you’re going to be stuck with a phone that will be obsolete in six months to a year after you spend about $200-400 for it.

Found some great information I’d like to pass along. From The iPhone blog, “Gizmodo has posted another concept image for the iPhone 4G… This concept is pretty enticing with features like 32 GB of storage, titanium body, 3.2 megapixel camera, and messaging light. “

Also saw this headline at the site, but didn’t get much out of the article. Verizon Sniffing Around iPhone 4G?

If you have inside information, you’re required to follow the Martha Stewart code if you’re reading this and that is to share that information. For those who don't know, 4G means faster speeds. Hey, I had to learn, too. That's what life is about - sharing information!