Have public relations professionals abandoned LinkedIn?

Whatever happened to LinkedIn being a meeting grounds for exchanging PROFESSIONAL ideas?

I recently asked a question about using Twitter as a means of communications. I got responses that Twitter – which is the 10th most visited site on the Internet – is not viable and “too early.”

Tonight I looked at questions to learn. I was shocked that these are the questions professionals are posting on LinkedIn. I’ve taught journalism classes in high schools that have more on the ball than these questions.

Public relations practitioners – and your firm is probably paying the people asking these questions – need to wake up this is the 21st Century. These questions weren’t even relevant during World War II. Now you see why I am a Marketing Sociologist and not a public relations professional (oxymoron).

Here are the questions that go on for four pages of this insipidness. I was tempted to make snide remarks, but then I felt like The Fonz as he looked in a mirror to comb his hair. Doesn’t need it. They stand on their own.

Wow, lots of online press release services, other than the biggies, which do you like?

How much do freelance PR professionals make?

How many tradeshows per year does your company attend?

What is the best way to get (local) TV news media interested in a human interest piece?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Bay Area PR/Marketing firm to help with the launch of a web 2.0 company?

When a news release is applicable to more than one section i.e. environmental and business, who should I send it to?

The most overrated person (celebrity), author of bookseller, brand, etc in any industry.