Happy birthday MP3 and goodbye Billy the Kid

Public relations people probably said it wouldn't make an impact, like they currently say about Twitter, but "The file extention .mp3 was chosen by the Fraunhofer team on July 14, 1995 (previously, the files had been named .bit). With the first real-time software MP3 player Winplay3 (released September 9, 1995) many people were able to encode and play back MP3 files on their PCs. Because of the relatively small hard drives back in that time (~ 500 MB) lossy compression was essential to store non-instrument based (see tracker and MIDI) music for playback on computer."

Also the day the world said goodbye to William H. Bonney, Jr. - you know him as Billy the Kid - after Pat Garrett shot him in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Lovely town in the Land of Enchantment. You should go there!