First run movies on your cell phone

For more than a decade Marketing Sociologist has been explaining changes in cell phone usage. I’ve said your next computer will be an iPhone. We need a Blue Tooth capable TV. Here’s why!

I’ve explained wireless companies are planning to deliver first run movies to your phone. Do you want to watch them on that tiny screen? Be connected by wire? Blue Tooth is the best alternative.

Reuters (7-3-9) – Deal making in Hollywood could get hot and heavy in coming months as movie studios explore ways to fight tumbling DVD sales and distribute entertainment in new formats.

Why are some reporters so unknowledgeable about the future? Many blogs and publications were complaining that AT&T wouldn’t sell the new iPhone to people who had bought the old ones even days before the new one was released. That’s why it’s a two year contract. You get what you purchase.

I knew for 3/4 of a year about the coming new Blue Tooth enabled iPhone. If you don’t do your research, you make mistakes that cost $$$$. By Christmas, those buying iPhone today will be complaining when 4G is released.

What do you think DTV was ALL about? It was the wireless companies planning first run movies on your cell phone – and probably a whole lot more. They needed the vast frequency television had. Now people can’t get broadcast TV, but that’s okay. There’s less revenue there than Internet capable phones that deliver movies, schedule your meetings and allow streaming – yes, you haven’t figured out video conferencing is part of the reason wireless firms need a huge bandwidth?

What future applications do you think wireless phones will be capable of? Post your ideas. I can tell you one long overdue, and this is why Congress found it necessary to change credit card rules. You’ll be able to use your wireless phone to charge things. That should help wireless companies make tons of more money by charging interest – from the moment you purchase!