Death and decline of an empire

It has grated me since Smokey Robinson, Motown’s answer to Willie Dixon, who penned almost every hit of the early ‘60s called Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer of all time.

In a conversation, I said what about Ray Charles? The respondent to this conversation said, “Yes, what about a drug abusing, womanizer, cheat.” The conversant added others we revere who fit the drug abusing, womanizer, cheat category. Seems that’s what you need to be successful: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, although he was not a cheat, since he was never married. Bernie Madoff was idolized by the media until two years ago or less. Television, print and radio revered his advice.

Late last evening I saw a five-year old girl pass a television and say, “Michael Jackson.” Jackson did not have a hit during her lifetime. If it wasn’t for mainstream media elevating Jackson to the status of a god, this girl would not know who Michael Jackson was three weeks ago.

We don’t need to worry about Iran or Korea getting nuclear weapons. Our country is already destroyed by who its heroes are. Mainstream media is dictating who we idolize – look at how they fed you Michael Jackson for nearly a month. You took the medicine. From morning until night for two weeks they fed you Michael Jackson. As I write this I am listening to Danny Bonaduce, who by his own admission is a drug abusing, womanizer and cheat, and he’s still talking about Michael Jackson.

In the 1950s, we followed Make Room for Daddy, Father Knows Best. By the ‘70s we despised and disrespected the Archie Bunker father-figure. Fathers disappeared completely on late '70s shows. Look at the father figure in The Simpsons, televisions longest running show. Think of a non-animated show on the air right now that actually has a father figure.

What is destroying this nation is the destruction of the family. In 1976 women comprised 26 percent of the workforce and Blacks 13 percent. In 2002, women comprised 54 percent of the workforce and Blacks roughly 13 percent. Divorce has escalated as women jettison their mate because he can’t equal her power and earning prowess. Of the millions of jobs lost since the onslaught of the current depression, now estimated at November, 2007, 82 percent of those losing their jobs were male. Great for family stability. More divorce!