Brain cancer is real
Cell phone providers behind DTV
Your congressperson in their pocket
$4-billion per month industry

Have two decades in telecom. Have worked for three wireless (cell) phone companies. Yes, brain cancer from cell phone use is VERY real. Like today’s broadcast about the perils of driving while using a cell, you’re never going to hear about it. Wireless companies own your Washington (D.C.) senators and representatives.

This is a lobby so powerful they got television to vacate its wide bandwidth so wireless phones can now provide first run movies via cell phones. It was also suppose to provide WiMax, but someone figured out there’s less money in WiMax than WiFi.

Think of it this way, there’s 306 million people in the U.S. – who each owe $80,000 for the $24-trillion the government has for bailing out financial institutions. Let’s say one-third of that is adult. Let’s say 40 percent of that are giving telecom companies what they aim for; $100 per month from each of that 40 percent. Cell phone, home phone, Internet connection, cable. That’s almost $200 per month, but since people share cable and WiFi, let’s go with 40 million people giving wireless companies $100 per month - $4-billion a month. I’m not even going to attempt the math to figure that out per year. Let’s put it this way. In one month, what U.S. telecom companies get from this country’s citizens could pay for last year’s financial institution bailout plus the Detroit bailout four times monthly.


  1. I am shocked!

  2. Ms. Naegle:

    Oh, don't worry. If you drop it in water there isn't enough electrical current in a Wireless phone to hurt you. No shock.

    It is the slow painful death of brain cancer. Tumor, chemo, radiation treatment, hair loss. My aunt and uncle lived under a high performance electrical wire transmission system. No problem the utility company told them. Both died of cancer at a young age. Same with your brain and cell phone radiation.

  3. Thousands of studies worldwide confirm that RFR from cell phones, wi fi, towers, and toys are destroying our immune systems, giving us cancer, destroying DNA and harming all biological systems and may even bring down all life on this planet. Exaggeration? Check out--


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