Arizona Republic wants you to feel sorry for ILLEGAL aliens
Media wants murder legal too

The Arizona Republic today wants you to feel sorry for a nine years old girl whose parents were whisked away in a sweep of illegal immigrants. The nine years old is what is known as an “Anchor Baby.”

She was born here and thus a U.S. citizen. Her parents are not as lucky. They illegally, the term is illegally, entered the country. As I said in another post, it took my father a long time to enter this country legally. It took years for a German friend just to get a temporary Visa because of the illegal immigrant problem.

The Republic story whines about how she is now all alone. What if her parents had been arrested for a meth lab, killing someone, or any other crime? Would the Republic be so inclined to paint a picture of the “poor little girl” without her parent? There is a movement to make “immigrant rights,” “undocumented aliens,” or other liberal terms palatable to the public. Started when President Ronald Reagan first granted amnesty. Here’s a president who screwed up the world’s oil supply, changed banking laws that culminated in last year’s financial melt-down and also created today’s “immigrant rights” (illegal alien) problem.

Frankly, I’m shocked Phil Spector sits in jail convicted of murder. First, this is a man that created music for the baby boom generation. He had untold wealth.

There are two famous Hollywood actors whose wives were murdered and they are walking free today.

After writing about illegal aliens it dawned on me – there is a movement to make murder legal in this country.

As I said, the U.S. is headed towards destruction just like the USSR due to its involvement in the Afghan region. Our moral fiber is falling apart. Divorce is more than 60 percent; the father is not the main figure in families. The main bread winner has become the mother. It is estimated one-third of all U.S. homes are without a father figure.

Due to the 1969 Amendment of the Equal Employment Act, women comprise more than 55 percent of the workforce. While African-Americans employment has increased maybe two percent in 30 years, females in the workforce have exceeded a 26 percent increase. Of the estimated 2-million jobs lost since late 2007, 82 percent of that was male.

So here’s how the battle is being won to make murder legal, and it is the same steps taken by those advocating “immigration rights”’ and those putting referendums to make “medicinal marijuana” legal (soon to be crack and meth) on ballots nationwide. I’ve never seen “medicinal marijuana” available in any drug store. These referendums are a means of making drug dealing legal – and voters nationwide are falling for this sham.

One of the smartest people I’ve ever met was Raul Sedillo of Belen, N.M., who passed on September 11, 2007. Please read this on him. He taught me the law isn’t about who’s right or wrong, it is about precedence. So if one Hollywood star gets away with murder, it sets a precedence for all future murder trials.

There’s big money behind making murder legal in this country. How come those on trial for murder can afford the nation’s finest lawyers at horrendous hourly fees when the trials last for years?

These lawyers are hiring public relations people – the same ones being paid to make “immigrants rights” and “medicinal marijuana” legal. It is done via referendums – one of the most idiotic ideas and the greatest threat to our Democracy. So when it is okay to murder, be an illegal immigrant and smoke marijuana on the streets and drive cars while high – or texting, realize people were persuaded by lawyers and public relations practitioners.