Announcing next U.S. president

I have said for months President Barack Obama will be a one term president. He will not be able to salvage the economy. Same thing happened to Jimmy Carter when he had to clean up Richard Nixon's mess.

Add to that, a war in Afghanistan. This not only ruined the USSR, its two leaders, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko, both died during the transition. Coincidence? Our nation seems to be headed down the same path.

Today the Associated Press announced, WASILLA, Alaska – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday she is resigning from office at the end of the month, raising speculation that she would focus on a run for the White House in the 2012 race.

If you’ve seen the Luke Wilson movie Idiocracy, you know WHY Palin is destined to win the 2012 presidential race. While you’re watching that movie, have the brains to pick up Charlie Wilson’s War and put the U.S. in the role of the USSR in that movie.

I can tell this is the way the nation is headed. For months I have bemoaned how Marketing Sociologist has accurately predicted events after events, and few companies have contacted me to increase their profits. Guess U.S. companies no longer care about their bottom line – Idiocracy!

There’s only one person to match Palin’s intellect for vice president. Palin and Paris in 2012 - has a nice ring to it. Good luck, U.S.A. and happy Independence Day.