Miley Cyrus losing popularity?
Are musical tastes changing?

When Miley Cyrus appeared in Arizona Nov. 9, 2007, it took 20 minutes to sell out roughly 18,000 seats at Arena.

Gwen Stefani cancelled two shows the same weekend at Dodge Theater, reportedly because she could not compete against Hannah Montana.

Something similar happened when Miley Cyrus returned with Aly & AJ on Jan. 22, 2008. Either sold out before they went on sale, or within an hour. The November show had built momentum.

Social Butterflies, who maintain a popular Tween blog, have been questioning the Jonas Brothers’ relevance or popularity, if it is waning.

Someone needs to ask the same question about Miley Cyrus, so it may as well be me. Granted, she goes to a restaurant and it becomes popular overnight. She releases dreadful songs like Hoe Down Throw Down and Ice Cream Freeze and they go to #1.

Yet… Her 2009 concert tour (announced here first on April 11) went on sale nationwide June 13. Not one concert venue was sold out a week later. Matter of fact, the September show at arena had floor seats, fairly near the stage, available a week after tickets went on sale.

So the question is, is the economy that bad? It also begs a different question as Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus are touring to houses that haven’t sold out – have musical tastes changed?

Taylor Swift had the hottest tour of Spring, 2009. As she noted on her Twitter account, every act on her Fearless tour are in the Top 20 of country charts.

Has the country genre Miley Cyrus perpetrated with her twang bloomed and taken over musical tastes?

As this is written, Black Eyed Peas top most of the charts, including digital download and Billboard 200. On digital download, BEP holds the top two slots followed by Shawn Kingston and Lady GaGa. Looks like urban music rules as it has for at least five years – outside of Tween pop.

So are musical tastes changing? Disney noted one of its divisions reported a 97 percent loss last year. What will the impact of SECOND DECADE be as this largest generation in history progresses from toddler age?