A comment on President Barack Obama's policies from the guy who killed U.S. economy


  1. Well, Mr. Marketing Sociologist George W may have started the poisonous drip, but surely BO is the one pulling the plug.

  2. On Wednesday, blogged the economy is following the greatest economic affluence this nation has seen in 100 years, from 1915 to 1929. Economy rose some 60 percent or so in that time period. Look at the business headlines from Wednesday's mainstream news (below). We should be thankful there's a Democrat in office instead of the past three Republicans who steered us into economic abyss - Reagan, Bush and son. Of course, Clinton wasn’t too great on the economy, either. Was pretty crappy when he left office. Let’s hope Obama does better. Should note the last time a Republican left a good economy, his name was Eisenhower. Time for a third and fourth party in this nation! Blame NBC, Fox and mainstream media that we only have TWO parties – when we really have more.

    Consumer prices rose 0.1 percent, less than forecast

    Oil, gasoline, falls on bigger supply gain

    Current account trade deficit drops to $101.5B

  3. Where is Ross Perot when we need him? Surely another Phoenix shall rise from the ashes and save us from them Saviour that many called Obama.

    This presidency is muting the voices of the opposition by partnering with the media. The media sells whatever is sold because of access to the so called Saviour, but then who saves the middle class, the hard working folk.. that pay their taxes, go to work over day and save for their retirement? We don't want a bailout, but fairness and a little respect for towing the line the right way.


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