Arizona leads nation again
Highest personal income tax loss

by Richard Kelleher, M.B.A., C.M.S.
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Nelson A. Rockefeller
Institute of Government said 34 of 37 income tax-collecting states that submitted data for its latest monthly report experienced declines, with Arizona seeing the steepest drop. Arizona had its personal income tax collections drop 55 percent over the first four months of this year, according to the Rockefeller report.

Arizona government is dealing with a $3-billion revenue shortfall and has not even come close to submitting a budget to Governor Jan Brewer. The current budget expires in nine days (June 30, 2009).

The Arizona Department of Revenue reported June 16, 2009 personal tax collection was down to $1.5-billion. That's half of the collection from two years ago. AZDOR reported a 33.7% drop for the fiscal year, not providing the 55% four month drop Rockefeller Institute reported.

You must ask yourself, why can’t the state’s largest paper, The Arizona Republic, report these figures? Why does a lone Bedouin in the middle of the Sonoran desert get these stories? Firsts with Miley Cyrus 2009 concert, new CD and performing at Jonas Brothers opening night in Dallas. First to announce Ashley Tisdale performing in Los Angeles.

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