Traditional media waking up to smart Marketing Sociology

It took the severest economic slump since the 20th Century’s Depression to wake companies up to the power of Marketing and Marketing Sociology.

Friday the Denver Post said it should not be giving its content away free over the Internet. That’s a brilliant strategy. Why did all the business whizzes at the Denver Post – and other media –wait almost a decade to wise up?

I can get any television show – like J.O.N.A.S. or Hannah Montana, even classics like Phil of the Future, on YouTube or other sites the day after it plays on TV. Similarly, you can buy a DVD like Jonas Brothers 3D four months to the day it was released in movie theaters. Then I check it out from my library. I’ve saved thousands of dollars using this tactic.

I can wait four months for first run movies rather than $10 for the movie and about another $15 in popcorn and beverage. Before DVD or VHS/Beta, television would feature “first run” home movies – only a year after they had been released in the theater. Then they were edited for swearing and to make them fit within commercials. So you actually got about 50 minutes of the original movie.

Conan O’Brien is taking a smart Marketing strategy as he transitions into the Tonight Show hosting slot. I will admit, this is one of the best and smartest commercials in respect to the message of lifestyle and the impact of new media. Who did this ad? Let me tip my hat to him or her.