Phoenix Business Journal lay off update

It has been confirmed that at least two editorial members of the Phoenix Business Journal were laid off Cinco de Mayo, 2009. More details as they become available.


  1. Do you know who they were? I know of a few that should be fired.

  2. K. Miller - not of the Tucson news station KJLL? Business Journal is keeping mum. An "inside" (very inside) source informed me 2 were let go in editorial. Believe some in sales were let go, too.

    American Cities have not return calls, same with Phoenix BJ publisher Don Henninger. No announcement on their own site. Phoenix New Times republished the Republics story.

    So Marketing Sociologist is the only source to get to the information. BJ action is like Miley Cyrus' 2009 tour; someone knows, but nobody's talking!

    Ilana Lowery, editor, has deferred to Henninger. He may be too busy with a Phoenix non-profit running the city's economy into the ground, GPEC (Greater Phoenix Economic Council - which hasn't brought a job to the Valley in 15 years!).

    Personally, I LOVE the Business Journal. It seems to be the only place to find news about Phoenix. Yet as one respondent on another blog pointed out, their top lists and some news stories tend to be free advertising or go to those spending the most on advertising.


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