Phoenix Business Journal does not respond to lay off requests

After numerous attempts and phone calls to reach the Phoenix Business Journal and its parent American Cities, it appears the company is not going to publicly acknowledge if they had a lay off situation this past week. There has been no mention in the weekly edition or the daily news updates.

In the 20th Century newspapers acted as a public trust. Darrow “Duke” Tully resigned his publisher post with Pulliam after it was discovered an alleged military background was phony. Even’s owner Hooman Karamian, who goes by the nom de la plume Nik Richie, publicized the fact when he was arrested on a DUI charge.

To comment on The Business Journal’s level of commitment to being guardians of public trust, its inability to return phone calls or its commitment to the Canons of Journalism would all be speculation. It appears the truth will always remain in the dark on this.