Open letter to Princess and other followers
Who should next Secretary of State be?

Okay, if Obama appoints Ms. Rodham Clinton as Supreme Court justice, who ends up Secretary of State – it ain’t gonna be Al Franken or Governator?


  1. In order to add balance to our big spending government, someone with conservative values should be our next Secretary of State. I'm thinking John McCain.

    Furthermore, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be an excellent addition to our highest court. She is well studied and most likely will look or consider all angles when ruling on our nation's behalf.

    By the way, I (Princess Clark) teach my clients how to live the lives they dream about - worry free and I will not recommend a strategy, service or product that I would not use for myself or family.

  2. John McCain? That would solve a host of the world’s ills. First, Governator could move to Arizona in 2010, six weeks before necessary to file for McCain’s senate seat; just like McCain did to get his first congressional seat in Arizona. That way the Governator would not need to fight for Barbara Boxer’s California senatorial seat. Would also eliminate McCain from re-seeking his Arizona senator seat – as Hannah Montana says, “Best of both worlds.”

    Say, are you the famous Princess Clark of Chicago who holds an M.B.A., has worked with Stedman Graham’s non-profit organization, and has a new book out?

    Yes, I agree. Clinton for Supreme Court. Excellent idea! To quote Fox News, Fair and Balanced - and a Yale law degree and practicing experience, including cause and corporate.


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