Miley Cyrus, Swine Flu, Internet buzz

The Internet is wonderful. It is abuzz about Miley Cyrus getting Swine Flu. You know what happens when there is group think – it comes into existence. Get well, Miley!

Miley Cyrus falls on her face while on stage; swine flu suspected

“Gaston, MO - During the first act of the long anticipated Miley Cyrus concert currently playing at the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Gaston, the audience had a real surprise when headliner Miley Cyrus fell flat on her face after hurling her dinner... “

Found this news item at this site (click here).

“Mexico City - Ravaging hordes of Mexican Flu zombies raged onward toward the north as food supplies in this vanquished city of 13 million dwindled down to nothing. Homeland Security alerts have been posted as far north as Chicago and Seattle.

“The Mexican Flu, once called the Swine Flu, then switched to H1N1 Flu by the Obama White House, because it sounded more 'technical and friendlier,' has caused a massive outbreak of Flu Zombies that threatens to take over the Southwest United States.

Fist hand reports claim a band of more than 15,000 Mexican Zombies invaded western Tennessee and kidnapped popular singer Miley Cyrus and spirited her off to Oklahoma under the cloak of darkness and before police could issue an alert that she was even missing.

“Miley turned up shaken and not-stirred in the Weebles, Oklahoma Home Depot. She was observed standing nude in the loading zone, holding an orange Home Depot pail, a roll of clear plastic, and a ladder, along with a most peculiar dazed look upon her face. Police responded immediately and picked her up for questioning. Reportedly, she kept repeating a request for a 'hankie and some Robitussin.'

“Along the Texas border, non-deterred locals have found a pleasurable past time while waiting out the flu pandemic. A recent weekend was filled with drinking cold beer and betting on making 'Zombie head shots' with their scoped deer hunting rifles. So far an estimated 1.1 million zombies were 'eliminated' until the shooting stopped due to the beer running out.

“Anyone wishing to help out the Texans, can support them by sending any spare .308, 30-06, or .270win ammo to San Antonio, Texas. Beer donations are certainly welcome..EXCEPT any Mexican beer will be shot for target practice!”