Federal government bails out financial idiots
ruins what I had going with my credit card company

Now that the Federal government has interfered, er, taken over, I mean “regulated” credit cards, it won’t pay for my credit card company to give me the bonuses I’ve become accustomed to.

I’m their worst nightmare. I run up horrendous amounts each month and then pay it off within the grace period. I love bonus credit cards.

Just as the government came to the aid of financial idiots who purchased homes they could not afford, ran car companies into the ground buying gas guzzling SUVs they could not afford, the Federal cavalry has come to the aid again of the financial idiots who don’t realize you need to pay off your credit cards or you accrue interest. If you miss a payment, there are penalties.

Not anymore. The government, once again, said be as idiotic as you want when it comes to financial matters, we’ll rescue you and create financial chaos for those who are responsible by making sure the economy is so bad, their jobs are eliminated. Ha-ha to you intelligencia smart enough to be able to handle your money!

I don’t blame my credit card company, just as I don’t blame Detroit or banks. My credit card company will have no remedy – to stay in business – but to charge me interest immediately when I charge something.

My solution will be revert to cash or debit card, thus driving more workers from credit card companies into the unemployment line.

When will this nation wake up? The answer is it won’t, it will dissolve.