Economic news – Looking at cycles:
Don’t let history bite you on the butt

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Okay, I was probably wrong when I looked at the number of job losses for last week annualizing it at 32-million, or a quadrillion in lost wages.

More accurate was a forecast made March 12 saying our current economy reflects an economic retreat in the second decade of the 20th Century, about 15 years before the real depression.

Since Marketing Sociology is based on looking at society and history, realize for the past two centuries there have been wars during this nation’s teen years. Are we looking down the barrel at that, and then a depression that will make our current economy seem like a pimple in economic history?

Robert Kiyosaki predicts the big depression will happen about 2016 due to ERISA. Rich Dad's Prophecy: Why The Biggest Stock Market Crash in History is Still Coming...and How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit From It!

Throughout this blog, for the past few months I’ve said now is the time to buy property. This report again amplifies that opinion. Thanks to all the Realtors(registered) who are following this blog.

“Stocks surge; S&P 500 nears 2009 break-even

by Tim Paradis - May. 4, 2009 01:04 PM
Associated Press

“NEW YORK — Brightening news about the economy sent investors rushing into stocks Monday and put Wall Street close to break-even for the year.

“Gains in housing, financial and materials stocks pushed market indicators up by about 2 percent. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 165 points, while the Standard & Poor's 500 index rose nearly 3 percent and came close to erasing its losses for 2009.

“Investors have been more upbeat about prospects for the economy for the last two months and Monday's reports bolstered the case that the economy's slide could be slowing.

“Two new economic nuggets added to demand for stocks. Pending U.S. home sales increased more than expected to post their second straight monthly gain, while construction spending rose unexpectedly in March after five straight decreases.

“The National Association of Realtors said its index of pending sales for previously occupied homes rose 3.2 percent to 84.6. That was well ahead of the 82.1 economists had been expecting and the second month of gains after the index hit a record low in January”