Creative Thinking Sunday: Suze Orman; today’s Ben Franklin?

by Richard Kelleher, M.B.A.

Marketing Sociologist

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Recently I was speaking to my very intelligent daughter about Ben Franklin’s “A penny saved is a penny earned” about recycling water bottles. She didn’t buy into the penny concept.

It’s all about communications. Maybe she would have listened if I quoted Suze Orman instead. Yes, the former roommate of John Belushi’s widow, Judy, would probably sway my 20-something daughter better.

“To choose being rich is to make every penny count,” Orman says. What’s the difference between that and “A penny saved is a penny earned”? It’s all in the message and the messiah. Join Toastmasters and you’ll learn that.

Suze Orman has become a guru for my daughter’s generation, even though she’s my age. She has targeted females and its working very successfully.

Let’s look at a few other Orman pearls from “The Courage to Be Rich.”

“Where there is a flow, any flow, of money, even a trickle, you have the power to increase it.” My pessimism would add, and the government is there to tax it.

Orman states, “Just as your destiny begins with your thoughts, your words bring you closer to that destiny.” She lists words like I can, I always, I am learning how, I will have. “You can read your financial future in the words you speak and hear every day.

“You must learn to speak in the language of wealth, a language that shows SELF-RESPECT, and also respect for your money.

“In a rich and radiantly abundant life, one in which there is clarity, there is always room for more to come.”

Are there other people out there saying the same thing? Yes. Orman has worked hard and knows how to market herself. Can you learn a lot from Orman – yes. Even if you don’t agree with her economic vision, you can learn a lesson in marketing from her.