Creative Thinking Sunday
21st Century ad jingles
Why we’re in a bad economy

When Pfizer announced it was giving free prescriptions to those who lost their jobs this year, I went about creating a slogan for them. Everywhere on the news was about the free Viagra, not Pfizer’s other drugs. So here’s the slogan: ”Pfizer - there for you when things get hard.”

Any good Marketing Sociologist campaign has a slogan. When I joined the Heart Association, its national slogan was “We’re Fighting for You Life.” I conducted the first ever public opinion survey for American Heart Association’s Arizona Affiliate. What it told me was people feared the death causes like Cancer and AIDS and were profusely donating to them compared to our organization.

Developed several campaign slogans:

Leading Cause of Death

More Americans die of heart disease than the next four leading causes of death combined

26 Arizonans die per day from Heart Disease

Half of every dollar donated goes towards medical research in Arizona

When you hear, Tastes good like a cigarette should, you think of Winston

Friends and Family made you think of MCI

One popular today, “I’m Lovin’ it,” McDonalds

King of Beers, Budweiser

Champaign of bottled beer, Michelob

It’s the water, Coors

Good to the last drop, Maxwell House coffee (I have Paul Stanley singing this jingle)

Breakfast of Champions – Wheaties

Okay, hottest brand in the world today – Twitter. What’s its slogan? Join the conversation?

How about the largest selling auto manufacturer, Toyota. No longer “Oh what a feeling.” It’s “Moving Forward.”

Ford? Used to be Job 1. Have no idea today.

Franklin Roosevelt’s 1930s economic stimulus had a name, “The New Deal.” What is President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan? I have no idea.

Any ruler knew when you took over a country; you put up posters, slogans. Worked in China, Cuba and the English commonwealth that became known as the U.S.A.

So today’s creative assignment is – you’ve already got an avatar that is your campaign poster. Mine is the guitar I built. So what is your slogan? Mine are “Worlds first marketing sociologist,” “Creating profits for companies,” “Fifty percent first year revenue increases,” and “Increasing profits by looking at how society operates, history and projecting all that into what will happen in the future.” What are yours? Write them down.