Why traditional media is dying – naïve

Once more, what year is this? Evidently this reporter is NOT a Marketing Sociologist. This reporter did some research, like including President Reagan. If he had gone back further, he would have discovered similar stories from the mid-1970s and mid-1930s.

Seems every time there is a “green” movement in the U.S. it is followed by a recession. Is it sort of like animals know when earthquakes and tornados are coming? Could be why I didn’t jump on this “green” movement – been there, reported on it.

This reporting is like the stock investor who listens to a “broker” without doing research like looking at the Dow 100 year chart.

Traditional media seems to have a hard time connecting the environmental dots.

From Arizona Republic 4-19-9

Americans environmental concerns shifting? by Shaun McKinnon –“Have Americans given up on the environment? Although polls suggest attitudes have shifted, the reality this Earth Day is more complicated.

Green was the new everything.

“Then in January, a series of polls appeared to suggest that the passion had cooled.

"Facing the worst recession in generations, Americans said the environment ranked low on the list of concerns. A survey taken in Phoenix found two-thirds of those asked said they cared less about the planet this year than last. For the first time in 25 years, people told Gallup they would sacrifice environmental protection for economic growth.

“The green movement started to look like a luxury, and some of its leaders wondered if it would become another victim of the recession.”