Understanding copyright laws

You can’t be ignorant in this world. Read, read, read. Ask question. Image copyrighted by the Associated Press. Here’s a news story from Elliot Spagat of Associated Press:

“AP board touts effort to fight Web news piracy

“SAN DIEGO - The Associated Press and the newspaper industry plan an aggressive effort to track down copyright violators on the Internet and try to divert traffic from Web sites that don't properly license news content, the AP board announced Monday.”

That year of journalism law at the University of New Mexico paid off. I have not violated copyright law. I attributed and quoted. Was it that hard?

Of course, Associated Press may still come after me, squander its money because – they can. You wonder why companies are laying off?

This site is not an Associated Press member (probably would be if asked), but we advocate usage of the AP Stylebook.