They’re called “anchor babies”

Where has national media been? Right next to me are eight adult illegals living in an 800 square foot two bedroom townhouse. They’ve had five "anchor babies" in the past year.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio – who bills himself as the toughest sheriff – brought his traveling circus right next door to these illegals a year ago. These illegals were at the event yelling and taunting the sheriff.

They have been in this townhouse for two years – pay $500 per month. Yet police have done nothing. They hang their laundry outside, cook on the ground and soiled diapers are everywhere. Phoenix’s Neighborhood Services, alerted many times, does nothing about it either


Illegal immigrants’ legal children snarl policy

Increased birthrate exacerbates the issue

By N.C. Aizenman

updated 33 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - A new report providing the most detailed portrait to date of the illegal immigrant population found that it is mostly made up of young families that are having children at a much faster rate than previously known. The study, released yesterday by the nonpartisan, Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center, also found that a disproportionate share of such children live in poverty and lack health insurance.

Because any child born in the United States has a right to citizenship, the growing presence of these children is likely to complicate the debate over immigration policies aimed at their parents.

The question of so-called "mixed-status" families is not new. But the increase in the number of children born to illegal immigrants is likely to exacerbate such situations in years to come.