Seth Godin is an optimist

Yes, I have picked on lame news/journalists on this blog. Yes, over-the-airwaves radio is dead. Television is killing itself with the HD conversion as baseball did with the players’ strike in 1994.

Same with public relations as in press releases. Bloggers are the 21st Century journalist – not those who come out of journalism schools; those we call McDonald’s employees, as in, “Would you like to super size that?”

A perfect example of blogger journalists is Two reporters were canned last year by Freedom Newspapers from their East Valley Tribune positions. Today they won the 2009 Pulitzer. This is why I bash corporate America. Corporate America has no sense of creative. Fire two people who win the Pulitzer and keep the lamoes who are busy filling the paper clip bowl. Let’s shout Hooray for Arizona Guardian’s Patti Epler and her staff for winning the Pulitzer.

That brings me to Seth Godin’s column today. He’s playing on themes reverberated throughout this site since its November, 2008 inception. “Insight! The newspaper industry is in trouble,

“Prediction: there will be no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US by 2012 (Godin is an optimist). So, you've got two and a half years before the newspaper industry is going to be doing something else with the news and the ads, or not be there at all. Does that change what you do today if you work in this business?”

When I said it several years ago, no one listened. Now Godin says it so you better listen!

Time for all you public relations whizz-ards to convert to Marketing Sociology. Mr. Godin, as for those newspaper ads – ever hear of something called Craig’s List? I’m sure he knows of Craig’s List and probably has not heard of this blog. Please forward it to him!

Richard Kelleher, M.B.A.

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