Rebel against dumbing down in your media and job

Why doesn’t media connect the dots? You wonder why people are moving to blogs and abandoning traditional news? Here’s three reports that fail to look at how the earth is connected. Earthquakes in Southern California. A week or so later Italy is rocked by a devastating earthquake. Polar caps melting.

Why, oh why isn’t the media reporting intelligently about the connection here? No comments from Dr. Orson Anderson, the foremost expert on planet-ology (just coined a new word). Of course these events are related. It is like a tuning fork. Vibrations travel throughout the globe.

As a former journalist, I was always instructed to dumb down my reporting. Media must forsake this thinking. In the 21st Century, people want intelligent reporting. That’s why the Web is so popular and full of what some report as more than 80-million blogs (its nice being in the top 1.5-million, but the view is still the same behind the lead dog).

Newspapers, radio and television aren’t dying because of the Internet. They are committing suicide by “dumbing down.” In the 21st Century, dumbing down doesn’t wash. That’s why most companies are in trouble. They hired the “dumbed down” employees because they couldn’t share the vision of the intelligent prospects during job interviews – in other words, the current interviewers were too “stupid” to understand intelligence. Now companies are laying off and closing because of this hiring technique. The whole nation is suffering and we’re throwing government dollars at trying to rescue this hiring system!

Wise up!

Start hiring the intelligent. Sure they’re smarter than you – but hire them and watch your business flourish and grow. This particularly goes for the dying media.