Raul Castro ABSOLUTELY correct

This AP headline says it all,

Castro: Onus not on Cuba for US better relations

“HAVANA – Raul Castro has dismissed Barack Obama's policy changes toward Cuba as "minimal" and says it is up to the U.S. — not Cuba — to do more to improve relations.”

Don’t let us become the Ugly Americans.


  1. For someone who supports the free market economy I find it kind of ironic that you support Raul Castro.

    Do you even know that free enterprise for the citizens of Cuba is forbidden and they have no control over their daily lives, how much food they have on the table, or that their children are taught that the US is the enemy and full of evil people from the age of 4? Oh, did I mention freedom of speech, self-determination, movement, etc.

    This STILL Happens, See for yourself by reading an account from the island: http://www.desdecuba.com/generaciony/

    All of this because the government wants to control everything. This is really sad.

  2. Dear Anon:

    Going to take it you are a Cubano exile in Florida. I was fortunate in New Mexico. Cubano exiles don't have the hatred there and they realize what a despot Batista was and how much better Cuba is under Castro. Not a perfect government, but blame much of that on the U.S. and its treatment of that country; while we supported the overthrow of a popularly elected government in Chile - Allende. Only to have a despot Junta take over. We have not done well with Sud America relations in the U.S.

  3. You are so wrong with it. How can you enjoy freedom in the US and not want freedom i.e. speech, religion, etc for your brothers. Or are they NOT your brothers?

  4. Anon:

    Please expound more on your feelings and beliefs. Why are you so passionate about this issue? What should the U.S. position be? Since 10 percent of this blog's viewers are international, what country are you in? Evidently not Cuba since you're using the Internet. Yes, there is no freedom of the press in Cuba.

  5. You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Many people were against Batista and then against Fidel, once he turned his back on everyone and became a brutal power hungry dictator. Fidel was supported by many wealthy people, not just peasents. My family, like many others, fled after having family members who opposed Castro be imprisoned, for nothing greater than disagreeing with the regime. They are not better off than before Batista. Just look at the death tolls as a comparison. You obviously don't care about facts or truth.


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