News media doing more to decimate U.S. economy

Did you see the evening news Tuesday, April 14, 2009? Every station was pushing safety tests on small cars saying they suck.

Evidently in a public relations stunt, some liberal organization/Communist front like Consumer Reports did a safety test where they ran small cars into Bo, the First Dog. It destroyed the cars and didn’t even leave a scratch on Bo – You don’t know Bo!

More sloppy reporting. Seems Homeland Security Wiz Janet Napolitano will visit the border Wednesday – tax day. Is she going to Cuidad Acuna or Agua Prieta? No – the former Arizona governor is visiting Nogales. Probably land in Phoenix – pick up the house keys and billfold she forgot, take a quick trip to Nogales and back and then back to Washington. Taxpayers will be out more than six figures because she had to pick something up at home she forgot – but the media doesn’t report that. Hey Janet, save our tax dollars next time – try FedEx!

I can see Napolitano’s recommendation for securing the border – have Bo Obama patrol it!

We haven’t seen anything like it since Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada in 1983. U.S. forces take out pirates. You know the old adage, three strikes you’re out – cold dead. My personal opinion was it was X-ray or infrared technology.

This just off the wire – it appears the U.S. is beefing up its presence in pirate infested Somalia. Yes, Bo the wonder dog will be doing the doggy paddle throughout the Indian Ocean