Mainstream media full of lamoes

As a desert dweller along the Mexican border, I gave some thought that if you’re hiring illegal aliens on the street corners; you’re at risk for swine flu.

For the first time in my life I agree with Michael Savage.

He correctly outed Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano (see story on lamoes below), and trust me, she’s needed to be “outed” for decades. Savage calls her “a dumb moron” (not true, she’s fairly bright, but domineering and vitriolic if you have an idea better than her); and the government’s “open borders policy” (that is true) as “incompetent and corrupt.”

So how does traditional media cover the swine flu pandemic, open borders and hiring illegals? “Swine flu worry: US advises against Mexico tripsfrom Associated Press.

In the 21st Century, Marketing Sociologists know often you can get better information on YouTube, MySpace and even Radio Disney than you can from traditional media – and they wonder why newspapers are closing and advertising revenue is down throughout mainstream media. Maybe they should cast an eye on why Associated Press and other mainstream is more interested in reporting on Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan instead of discovering how Marketing Sociology could help overcome the current economic “depression.” Not a peep on Marketing Sociology or illegals and swine flu from mainstream media. Lamoes.

CatholicNationalist at YouTube figured it out. Yet it went over the head of Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly. Internet media gets it, like stltoday, "we have legitimate concerns as to why illegal immigration should be blocked as much as possible. ...when you allow anyone and their brother to come in unannounced and unchecked, you have no idea what issues they bring."

Why doesn’t mainstream media ask the questions – why do we need a defense department and homeland security? Why do we need about a half-dozen different military branches – Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard and on and on – when President Barack Obama made General Motors get rid of its divisions like Pontiac and Oldsmobile?

As those who still cling to public relations for a livelihood, since they depend upon mainstream media to inform them rather than Internet buzz about becoming a Marketing Sociologist, have told me, if you aren’t advertising in a media, you’re not going to get a story placed.

A third of a century ago, other journalists would have pressured you to resign such an organization, leaving it to the lamest of lamoes. Now those lamoes have filtrated throughout the media and dominate both mainstream and “public relations” (read – buggy whip makers).