Know your market – American’s are idiots

Microsoft didn’t get to be one of the world’s largest companies by not knowing their market. Their new PC ad clearly shows they view all American’s as idiots. Sure, I’m going to go out and spend $1,500 on a computer when I could be saving $1,000 instead of buying a Mac.

Sure, I’ll spend another $1,500 every three years when Microsoft changes operating systems so companies like Best Buy – clearly depicted in this ad – Sony and others can make more computer sales. Meanwhile, the Mac user will still be using the same computer in 10 years, saving more than $5,000 in hardware, including new computers.

Know your market – so Microsoft knows YOU’RE an idiot. You can’t do the math and figure out your savings because you believe in immediate gratification. Unfortunately for Microsoft, they failed to figure in the new economy. People are saving money rather than eating out every night. The days of immediate gratification have been replaced by logic – except for the idiots Microsoft hires in marketing; thinking we’re going to buy this.

Microsoft probably still has a public relations department sending out press releases instead of a marketing sociology department creating wealth for companies. No, they aren’t that dumb. Your company’s going out of business if you’re sticking to public relations thinking. That’s for dinosaurs.