Intelligence on why newspapers are folding

There is intelligence in this country. On azcentral’s site, one commenter, Thrifty2008, stated about newspapers and The Arizona Republic Sunday circulation being up two tenths of one percent – “Newspapers are the life blood of each city and town anywhere in the world. Lack of literacy and intellectual curiosity combined with laziness and poor taste have made many among us not read the paper even if it was offered free.

“Another big reason - reporters who do not research in depth and write articles defending industries to get more ads in their papers rather than reporting the truth. I think they are not even capable of higher class material. This results in bland, inaccurate material the public has grown tired of.

“Don’t blame the internet. They have higher Internet connectivity and speed and more computers in South Korea and Singapore and the papers there are nicer, brighter and actually two inches wider than any of our papers; and of course about ten times cheaper. Again, poor quality material and high price. Result? Demise.”

Bob60417 summed up why newspapers are losing readers, “Wow! What incredibly dishonest reporting -- to not even mention the weekday decrease that's about 20x the Sunday increase. Amazing! And they wonder why people don't trust journalists anymore.

“I wonder what they'd say if a politician (one they don't like) put out a press release similar to this?”