I have prayed for this day since 1961

Now, let’s do it right and not be the “Ugly American.” Let’s not impose our will but work jointly to help Cuba – and its brand of Communistic government. Let’s help Cuba realize their dreams of equality for everyone and help with their economy. At one point they were the world’s largest refrigerator maker. I could use a new one.

Let’s not go back in time to treating this noble island nation as we did when Fulgencio Batista ruled – he was a despot and U.S. treated Cuba horribly. Giving a personal example, I was put on the FBI “watch” list for a little thing like taking Cuban history in college. My every move was watched after I enrolled in that class. Is this the government the people of Cuba want to call friends? Hopefully this nation has changed and we will nurture, not rule, Cuba.