Economy coming down with Swine Flu

The media is doing a good job reporting on the Swine Flu, but they fail to look past two dimensions. If Swine Flu is hurting travel, won’t it hurt airlines and an already weak economy? Seems the economy is coming down with the Swine Flu but the media hasn’t noticed yet.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – “New swine flu infections were found around the world on Tuesday and the specter of a pandemic began to hit the travel industry as governments warned people to stay away from Mexico where 149 people have died.

“The United States said it now had 65 cases of swine flu, Canada announced six more infections and new cases were also confirmed in Israel and New Zealand.

“The United States, Canada and the European Union advised people to avoid non-essential travel to Mexico, and Cuba suspended all flights to and from Mexico for 48 hours.

“Carnival Cruises said it canceled stops at Mexican ports for three of its ships on Tuesday and the Canadian tour operator Transat AT postponed flights to Mexico until June 1 due to the swine flu alert.”


  1. As usual, media is being way too much concerned about something not that big. It's really sad that all they do is cause panic and havoc everywhere in the world. Sometimes I wish they were limited one story on one subject a week because the amount of articles and news on this topic is getting ridiculous. And of course most of them are already showing us a catastrophic future of a deadly virus spreading around the globe and killing millions of people. Oh media...

    Take care, Lorne

  2. Dear BMO AIG Canada

    Thanks for commenting. Study the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976 for over-blown media. Equivalent to half-a-billion today spent on the Swine Flu vaccine when only one soldier died. Something like 36 people suffered permanent paralysis due to the vaccine. It went on for weeks. I was a "cub" reporter covering it.


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