Creative Thinking Sunday: Are those Twitter followers friends indeed?

Your computer has Swine Flu since you’re right next to the Mexican border. Quick, what do you do when all your data is suddenly gone and you have a screen as naked as the day you first unloaded it and got the Vista operating system up?

Me, I did two things – sent a Twitter seeing if others are experiencing similar problems. No answer. Find the restore points – okay, so I lost about a week of work. Better than starting over, reloading all the programs. Thank goodness there are fail-safe systems on a computer.

What fail-safe systems do you have in your life? Will those people on Twitter or Facebook come and cook you dinner if you’ve had a stroke? What if you get in a severe auto smash-up? Who will help you? Will you send a Twitter or enroll in to find a mate to help care for you?

Sometimes First Century networking beats 21st Century networking.