Creative thinking gender reversal

Today’s creative thinking workshop comes courtesy of aviation big-wig Darrell Sawyer, founder of Sawyer Aviation (no longer involved with it).

Women will notice what other women are wearing. Jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc. Guys will only notice how cute she is, her hair, or her build.

On the other hand, a guy will walk by a car; notice the chrome trim, wheel upgrades, even a miniscule chip from a rock. Women will only notice if it is a Mercedes or Lexus.

So today’s exercise is gender reversal. For guys, this will be tough. Immediately don’t notice the figure. Look past it. See the earrings; see the two inch red heel shoes. What is on her wrist and fingers?

For women, look at a classic car. What year is it? What type of wheels, and here’s a new term you’ve always used in a different way, is the engine blown? Can you spot a crack in a guitar where the neck joins the body from the 15th row at a concert?

Leave you today with the song I would have made her first single. Where’d Lady GaGa come from? Even more popular than Tiffany Giandina. An over-the-top performance on American Idiot.