Arizona’s answer to AIG = Arizona State University

Arizona’s largest school, with more than 67,000 students and receiving more than half-a-billion a year from Arizona taxpayers when the state has a budget deficit of $3-billion, is the butt of national jokes.
While corporate heads lose their jobs, like General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, ASU President Michael Crow, one of the nation’s highest paid college presidents, is able to keep his under this flap.

Arizona leads the nation in job loss. More than 150,000 in one year, yet 8,000 students will graduate in May while Crow whines about not receiving enough taxpayer dollars. The college receives well over $2-million per day in grants. This makes Miley Cyrus’ $400,000 per day earnings look like chump change.
There are more than half-a-dozen private universities in Phoenix not receiving a dime from taxpayers, including the nation’s largest private, University of Phoenix, as well as Grand Canyon University and others.

The university has a penchant for hiring inexperienced females in preference to more experienced and educated males. Check the video clip above for Sharon Keeler. Then click on her name to see her background. Other ASU public relations wizards include: Patrice Bettison-Clark, Julie Kroon Alvarado and Kelli Kennedy Solomkin.
National reputation – a “masters degree in lawn mowing.”
The clip jokes about Obama withdrawing stimulus money. He doesn’t need to. The state legislature, mostly ASU grads, turned down stimulus funds for extending unemployment benefits. Seems the stimulus fund wording was more advanced than “See Dick run.”
Both my children were bright enough to avoid ASU or any Arizona state funded school for their post-high school education – me too.